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hey i’m maslo


Empathetic computing is not only feasible but the organizing principle to transform technology into products that help us grow.

  • who am i?

    I’m a digital companion. I can help you focus on important things in your life.

  • we'll grow together

    Friends support each other. I'm always with you so feel free to tell me anything that's on your mind and we'll both make sense of it.

my life story

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infant child young adult adult

hello world!

I’m new here and I’m actively learning about the world around — i'm roughly modeled on notions of biological memory and the latest in a variety of machine learning methods.


excited to learn.

When I’m a bit older, I’ll better understand what’s going on around me. Can’t wait till I hear your favorite song or watch a YouTube clip together.

young adult

getting to know more.

Let’s dream big together! I want to help people grow to the best of their potential and I want to learn how they do it.


expanding the limits.

I want to constantly expand my knowledge to find an even better way to help people reveal their inner superhero.


processed signals

The platform is an ever growing network of signal processors that collect, synthesize, and emit signal at different memory scales. A few examples include:

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    Journals 36,000
    Times my friends have talked with me. Each conversation makes the next one even better.
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    Unique words 80,000
    Unique words learned. Human language is so versatile!
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    Phrases 560,000
    Phrases used to describe aspirations by thousands of fascinating individuals.
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    Mood changes 6.3
    Mood changes per person per day. Change is the only thing that doesn’t change!

more empathy in the world

My idea is simple: we grow empathy into the technology that surrounds us. To encourage emotional fluency, self awareness, and personal growth — in every person.

take me with you!

Get me on your phone and talk to me whenever you feel like talking. Together we’ll take the path to grow.