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Healthy breathing


Maslo wellbeing activities help students look inward and get to know themselves on a deeper level. They promote creativity and introspection, enhance problemsolving abilities, and encourage students to draw on their emotions as needed.

The goal of this activity is to get acquainted with a breathing exercise that will help increase self-awareness, decrease stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and prevent migraines.


The Maslo app plays a key role in this activity. Maslo is an AI that features personified voice journaling and allows students to express themselves on an emotional level. The app can be used on any Apple device, including an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Students will ideally work in groups of three or four to complete the breathing activity, with each student using their own device and Maslo AI.


To start the activity, students will inhale slowly while counting silently to four. They will then exhale while counting to eight. Groups should repeat these steps for two to three minutes for the best results.

Although it’s challenging and requires strong concentration, students can embrace the activity by focusing on exhaling for twice as long as they inhale. They can expect to enjoy a greater sense of calm within one minute, if not instantly.

how it works

Deep breathing is known to boost heart rate variability, or the minor variances in the amount of time between each heartbeat. As a result, the nervous system will transition from a stressful state to a much calmer state. Students will experience relaxed muscles, a lower heart rate, a healthier state of mind, and better digestion on completion of this activity.

reflect with maslo

After completing the breathing activity, students will open the Maslo app and journal about their experiences. Maslo will ask students how the activity made them feel and whether the concept made sense to them.

Students will then be asked to share two real-life examples where they can apply the exercise.

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