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Heroic virtues


Maslo activities help students look inward and get to know themselves on a deeper level. They promote creativity and introspection, enhance problem-solving abilities, and encourage students to draw on their emotions as needed.

The goal of this activity is for students to describe the characteristics of a superhero. These traits may range from the hero’s values and lifestyle, to their appearance and behaviors. Students should feel free to use their imagination here.


The Maslo app plays a key role in this activity. Maslo is an AI that features personified voice journaling and allows students to express themselves on an emotional level. The app can be used on any Apple device, including an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Students will ideally work in groups of three or four to complete the activity, with each student using their own device and Maslo AI. They will also need a blank sheet of paper and writing utensil.


To start the activity, students will take two or three minutes to list the characteristics of a superhero that comes to mind. They can describe everything from the superhero’s hopes and dreams, to their physical appearance and typical response to danger.

While putting pen to paper, students should feel free to think outside the box. There are no right or wrong answers in this exercise.

how it works

By brainstorming and reflecting on the positive traits superheroes have, students will be more likely to adopt those same characteristics. Psychologists believe that when we consider the positive traits of an individual or group, we inherently think about how those traits relate to ourselves. As such, by searching for similarities with their superhero of choice, students will adopt a positive bias that can put them on a similar path.

For instance, if students believe superheroes are selfless, they will be more likely to set their own priorities aside and lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Reflect With Maslo

After completing the virtues activity, students will open the Maslo app and journal about their experiences. Maslo will ask students how the activity made them feel and whether the concept made sense to them. Students will then be asked to share some of their own characteristics that reflect the traits of a superhero.

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