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mindful gratitude


Maslo wellbeing activities help students look inward and get to know themselves on a deeper level. They promote creativity and introspection, enhance problemsolving abilities, and encourage students to draw on their emotions as needed.

The goal of this activity is to get acquainted with a breathing exercise that will help increase self-awareness, decrease stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and prevent migraines.


The Maslo app plays a key role in this activity. Maslo is an AI that features personified voice journaling and allows students to express themselves on an emotional level. The app can be used on any Apple device, including an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Students will ideally work in groups of three or four to complete the breathing activity, with each student using their own device and Maslo AI.


To start the activity, students will sit down facing their partner. One student will spend three minutes thanking their partner for something that they noticed recently. They can express their gratitude for a specific task their partner completed, or for something nice they did. Students are encouraged to get creative and discuss anything positive that resonated with them.

After the first student expresses their gratitude, the partners can switch roles and repeat the process.

how it works

Gratitude is a feeling, but above all else, it’s a mindset. Specifically, it’s an awareness of the people and things that make us feel appreciative. Gratitude often makes us smile or extend ourselves to others. It reminds us to be thankful for the contributions people make. It is designed to promote positive thinking, and help students see the good in others and the world around them.

reflect with maslo

After completing the gratitude activity, students will open the Maslo app and journal about their experiences. Maslo will ask students what makes them grateful, how gratitude makes them feel, and whether the concept made sense to them.

Students will then be asked to share a real-life example where gratitude helped them overcome a challenging situation.

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