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Open palms


Maslo activities help students look inward and get to know themselves on a deeper level. They promote creativity and introspection, enhance problem-solving abilities, and encourage students to draw on their emotions as needed.

The goal of this activity is for students to become more receptive to creativity and innovation. Students will learn that sometimes the most unlikely ideas make for the best solutions.


The Maslo app plays a key role in this activity. Maslo is an AI that features personified voice journaling and allows students to express themselves on an emotional level. The app can be used on any Apple device, including an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Students will ideally work in groups of three or four to complete the activity, with each student using their own device and Maslo AI.


To start the activity, students will sit down with their palms facing the ceiling. In just 15 seconds, they will start to experience a shift in their mindset and feel more open to the world around them.

Keeping their palms up, students will then start asking a peer questions about a recent problem they faced. They will switch roles after a minute goes by, and should take note of how they feel throughout the process.

how it works

Facing the palms upward stimulates a powerful physical and emotional response. Specifically, this position helps us adopt a mindset of consideration, where we become more receptive to new information, opportunities, and solutions.

Conversely, with the palms down we tend to adopt a mindset of resistance, where we close ourselves off to new information. With upturned palms, however, we become more likely to help others and more willing to ask for help when we need it. For centuries upon centuries, we have associated upward-facing palms with openness and receptiveness. This activity helps remind us of that.

reflect with maslo

After completing the activity, students will open the Maslo app and journal about their experiences. Maslo will ask students how the activity made them feel and whether the concept made sense to them.

Students will then be asked to share a real-life example where this practice could help them navigate a challenge or keep a positive mindset.

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